Manual Software Tester

Do you like to try out new things? We have manual usability test jobs that come up once or twice a month generally for an hour usually on a Thursday afternoon. 


  • English proficient and able to speak loudly during Pacific Time USA afternoons.
  • Windows or Mac desktop or laptop with Chrome (no mobiles or tablets.)
  • Need keyboard to type in text chat and a mouse to be able to click.
  • Need microphone you have previously tested and is working.
  • Stable internet connection with good ping to a West coast USA server.
  • Have a account and be able to join a discord server.
  • Able to come at the above time. 


We ask that you enter the Discord voice chat at the scheduled time, follow instructions to launch the software. We will be asking you to test functions, respond within the text box, and utilize the audio when it is your turn to speak. Provide feedback. Up to 1 hour total.

NOTE: Only participants who come to the session on time, participate via audio and text and respond with feedback will receive payment.  If you are successful in following directions and you are interested in becoming a repeat participant, you may be invited back. 

INTERESTED? Please email . Thank you.